Breast Cancer is a growing worldwide womens issue affecting hundreds of thousands of woman. Cancer Research indicate 55,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer in the UK last year and 250,000 in the USA.

The Koning Breast CT Scanner is a contender for this years Prix Galian Award, hosted by the Galian foundation. They are nominated for outstanding biomedical product/technology that has a major potential to impact health.

Dr Ning, created the first protype in 2006 for 3D breast imaging. In 2015, Koning have received approval by the FDA and now have CE Mark Approval for Europe.

CT Imagining have been a gold standard for head and neck for decades, Koning has brought these benefits to breast tissue.

Koning Breast CT Scanner, using Advanced Computer Tornography Technology, hopes to dramatically improve the visualisation and evaluation of breast tissue. Current mammography can not detect tumours and is challenged with dense breast tissue.

The breast imaging device offers high contrast 3D imaging with spatial resolution and no painful compressions in a 10 second exposure. The 3D image allows evaluation from any angle, eliminating overlapping structures, showing blood vessels and calcification. Another additional benefit is the ability to perform 3D image biopsies as part of the diagnostic scanning workflow when needed.

As part of this exciting journey, Koning have selected Atlanta as its new headquarters, creating 400 new positions. The current device allows precise detection, assessment and quantification. In Atlanta, they aim to help develop future versions of Koning Breast CT Scanner.

Their goal is to optimise early disease detection, diagnosis, intervention and treatment. Their hope is improve survival rates for millions of patients.

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